Location Effect Via Whatsapp

Did you know that you can trace the location via WhatsApp quickly and accurately? WhatsApp is indeed one of the main chatting applications for smartphone users. Most people in the world use WhatsApp.

But actually, there is a ‘gap’ for you to find someone’s location through WhatsApp on your mobile phone. This method may be a little complicated, but if you pay attention to our tips, you can really know the location through WhatsApp.

The function of tracking someone’s location through WhatsApp

If you think that tracking someone through WhatsApp is a negative and dangerous thing, actually that is not true.

There are actually a lot of benefits you can get when you track someone’s location through WhatsApp, as long as your goals are positive and don’t harm others.

When you aim to track someone’s location on WhatsApp, this can actually help you to reduce anxiety and worry when the person you love suddenly disappears.

Not to mention if you really have a little brother who likes to go out and carry a mobile phone or expensive gadgets that are not suitable for his age, must be worrying!

Or it turns out that you are really suspicious of your boyfriend/girlfriend who often doesn’t answer the chat even though his WA status is Online, you can also track him down.

Well, if you feel that knowing their whereabouts can make you more comfortable and safe, please follow this method.

How to Track Location Through WhatsApp on Mobile Phones

Another feature of WhatsApp is that is useful for tracking people’s location. How do you know where people are? Of course, by knowing the location through WhatsApp with its special features.

For some reason, if you want to know someone’s location through WhatsApp, it is very possible. Wondering how to do it?

For example, your friend says that he is at home, but you doubt that according to information from a close friend, he went out of town. You can try some tips below to make sure.

Here’s how to find someone’s location through WhatsApp.

How to Download Google Play Store

How to Find IP Address Using Command Prompt

WhatsApp is not just an application for sending messages. Did you know, using the command prompt feature on the computer can actually track the IP address and track the location of the person who is chatting with you on WhatsApp?

To find out the location of people, you can follow the steps below:

  1. First, You open the WhatsApp web, and after that start chatting with the target to get the IP address.How to Use Whatsapp Web
  2. Make sure all applications running in the background have been stopped, the way to press the combination Ctrl + Alt + Delete to open the task manager function. Except for the browser, you are currently using to chat.
  3. Now press Win + R from your computer keyboard to start the initial stage to track the location.Track Location Via WA
  4. Type cmd and press enter.
  5. At the command prompt that appears, type netstat-an and press enter.Knowing Location Through WhatsApp
  6. Note the IP address listed.
  7. Tracking to find out the exact location through the website http://www.ip-adress.com/ip_tracer .Tracking People's Location Through Whatsapp

As long as you follow all the steps mentioned earlier, you can easily find out the location of people.

How to Know Location Via WhatsApp with Live Location Feature

How to Share Location Via WhatsappIf your friend invites you to meet, please use the share location feature on WhatsApp (real-time). If you click on the map image, the GPS will automatically open.