How to Track Xiaomi Mobile Phones

There are times when you forget to put the mobile phone that you have, surely it can make you panic if you can’t find it. But for you Xiaomi users, don’t worry. Because Xiaomi has a feature to track the location of the smartphone you have.

This of course makes it Xiaomi users easy to find out when their smartphone is lost, stolen, or forgotten to put away. The excellence provided by Xiaomi is the latest discovery to face the increasingly fierce trade competition.

To find a lost Xiaomi mobile phone, there are two ways you can do if you experience it. Use the following method to locate your lost Xiaomi mobile phone.

Cell Phone Effects Through Google’s Find My Device

To be able to use these features, you need to make sure that the google account is logged in on the lost mobile phone. If the Google account you use is logged into the lost mobile phone then you can follow the following method.

  1. Open the browser from the computer/mobile and visit Google Device Manager.
  2. Log in with the google account installed on the lost mobile phone.
  3. If the google account is signed in to more than one device, select the device you want to search.
  4. After you select a device to search for, Google will try to connect to your device. (Google will be connected if you activate the data plan and GPS on the lost mobile phone.)
  5. If it is connected, the map view will change in the location of your mobile phone.

Cell Phone Tracking Through Google's Find My DeviceThe three features provided are Play Sound, Lock, Erase

You can try to call a mobile phone with the Play Sound feature if the location of the mobile phone is close to you. The phone will still ring even in silent mode.

Or You can use the lock feature to lock the mobile phone so that it cannot be opened easily.

Location Effect Via Whatsapp

The last step you can take if the mobile phone is not detected is to delete the data on your mobile phone. You can use the Erase feature to delete all data even when the mobile phone is turned off.

How to Track Xiaomi Mobile Phones Through Mi Cloud

How to Track Xiaomi Mobile Phones Through Mi CloudMi Cloud is a superior feature used by Xiaomi on all types of products manufactured by Xiaomi. With Mi Cloud, you can easily back up files or photos online.

Mi Cloud features

Lost Mode

You can use Lost Mode if your mobile phone is stolen by someone. This feature helps you to recover the stolen mobile phone by locking your Xiaomi mobile phone.

By activating this mode, HP will not be able to be used unless entering a registered Mi Cloud account. If the person who took your mobile phone replaced the sim card, then you will receive a notification that someone replaced the sim card on your mobile phone.

Noise Mode

The Noise Mode feature can be activated when searching for a lost mobile phone. You can call the cell phone being searched for even in silent mode.

Wipe Device (Delete Data)

In addition to the two features above, this last feature you can use to delete all the lost files and data of the Xiaomi phone. If there are important files in your Xiaomi mobile phone, activate this Mi Cloud feature so that your data will be safe.

The above method can be used for all types of Xiaomi mobile phones as long as you have a Mi Cloud account. If your mobile phone location has been found, then go directly to the location that appears to retrieve the mobile phone.

In addition to managing data online, you can also track the phone’s location with Mi Cloud. How to track the location of a Xiaomi mobile phone with Mi Cloud can be done in the following way.

  • Visit the Mi Cloud Website
  • Log in with your Mi account. (You can use a registered email, mobile number, or Mi ID)
  • Then Click Find Device to start finding your current HP location
  • If you have never used these features, then you will be asked to select the type of mobile phone you are usingXiaomi Mobile Location Effect Online
  • Click on the Locate Device menu to find the Mobile Phone. (Once the location is found, zoom the map that appears to ensure the accuracy of your HP’s position.)Xiaomi Mobile Phone Effects

If your smartphone is silent, use the Noise / Sound menu provided by Xiaomi. (with this mode you can activate the sound even if the mobile phone is silent)

So always remember your Mi Cloud account for smartphone data and security. In addition to using Mi Cloud, you can also track a lost mobile phone with the help of Google’s Find My Device.