How to Track Samsung Mobile Phones

A lost Samsung cell phone will certainly make you panic. But don’t worry, You can find your Samsung cell phone by tracking your cell phone.

A lost cell phone can definitely make you dizzy. Also, if there is important data in the Samsung mobile phone. Starting from photos, videos, contacts, and even information about banking accounts, and so on.

Before getting into how to locate your lost Samsung cell phone. There are some initial steps to take after your mobile phone is lost.

The First Step That Must Be Done

1. Remember the last time you used a mobile phone

If it turns out that the first step does not produce results. Next, you can try to remember the last time you used the Samsung HP.

If you remember the last time you used a cell phone. You can go to that place and ask people around.

2. Try sms or your Samsung mobile phone

The first and easiest thing for you to do is try to SMS or call your lost Samsung mobile phone.

This method is effective enough to ensure that your mobile phone is lost because you forgot to put it away or it was stolen. If the cell phone is still around you. Then you will very easily find the mobile phone with the sound or vibration that appears.

How to Track a Samsung Cell Phone with Find My Mobile

How to Track a Lost Cell PhoneAnother way you can use to locate your Samsung mobile phone is with Find My Mobile.

Find My Mobile is a feature created by Samsung that aims to find lost mobile phones.

How to locate a lost Samsung phone without using the IMEI number:

  1. Run the web browser application on your computer.
  2. After that open the page .
  3. Then log in using the Google account that you also use on your lost Samsung mobile phone.
  4. Wait for a while until Find My Mobile will find your Samsung mobile location.
  5. After the search process is complete, your mobile phone position will be displayed on the map.

In addition, you can also use some of the available features. Such as ringing the cell phone, locking the device, and deleting all data on your Samsung cell phone.

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How to Track a Samsung Cell Phone Through Google Maps

How to Track a Samsung Cell Phone Through Google MapsThe first way we can use is to use Google Maps.

Google Maps is a service provided by Google. This service is useful for finding the location of your device.

How to track Samsung HP with GPS:

  1. First, we set up a device connected to the internet. You can use tablets, PCs, and other smartphones.
  2. After that, launch the web browser on the device. Then open or
  3. Then log in using the Gmail account that you also use on your lost Samsung mobile phone.
  4. After that, wait until the device search process is complete. If successful then the position of your lost Samsung HP will automatically appear.

Hopefully, by using one of the ways to track a Samsung cell phone above, your cell phone will be back soon.