How to Reactivate Facebook Account

Facebook/FB is a very popular social media these days, almost everyone has a Facebook account. There are not a few Facebook users who have more than one account.

Currently, the level of Facebook security is getting better, starting from using original data for account identity, even the password used cannot be arbitrary.

Security Facebook is so secure that it requires its users to verify the authenticity of the account, using a phone number and email or email address (Two-factor authentication)

Not a few of them violate Facebook’s policy, so their account will be locked or deactivated for a while.

I have also experienced this myself, I don’t know what the cause is because suddenly in the morning when I was about to access Facebook on my mobile phone, a message appeared that my account was deactivated for certain reasons.

At that time I went straight home and immediately opened Facebook on my laptop. It turned out to be true, that my account was deactivated because there was a little problem with my account.

Reason Facebook Account Deactivated

Facebook itself has terms of service for users of its services.

If Facebook sees something suspicious in your Facebook account, then Facebook will immediately disable or temporarily lock access to your account.

Some things that cause your Facebook account to be locked

  • Commotion.
  • Posting content that does not follow Facebook’s Terms.
  • Using a fake name.
  • Pretend to be someone.
  • Unauthorized behavior on Facebook.
  • Other impermissible conduct.
  • and others.

So that Facebook will immediately disable your account.

Or your Facebook account becomes the target of a hacker (hacker), usually the hacker can access your Facebook account because he knows the email address of the Facebook account.

Be careful when you post something on Facebook because currently, Facebook’s security level is almost safe.

I personally experienced one of those things, where at that time I sent a status on Facebook, and in that status, there was a sentence contained in my Facebook password, without waiting for a long time my account was immediately locked.

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How to Reactivate Facebook Account

If your Facebook account has been deactivated, immediately contact the Facebook support service and immediately report the problem.

You can ask why your Facebook account is disabled. If your account is deactivated without any suspicion, you can submit an appeal to regain access to your account.

Facebook Account Appeal

  1. Please fill out the appeal form. An example of the display of the appeal form.Reactivate Facebook Account
  2. In the first column, you fill in the email address or phone number of the deactivated Facebook account.
  3. Then in the second column, you must enter your full name that matches the Facebook profile name. ” The full name and the Facebook account name must be the same because then you will send data in the form of a picture “
  4. You must provide a photo ID stating that Your Facebook account name is Your real name. Please select and use an ID card or IC and passport.
  5. In the last column, you can write some words or important information, for example, please activate my Facebook account again or please activate again my facebook account.

In addition to the above method, there is another way to activate your Facebook account, by sending a request email to [email protected] which is the official email regarding account deactivation.

Use polite and kind language (do not use capital letters), the content of the email request must state that you are asking, not an order. You will receive an email reply within 1-2 days of sending the email.

Facebook will only activate your account once. Therefore, if your account is deactivated again, it is not possible for the account to be accessed again (Banned Permanently).

Therefore you must know what makes your account deactivated and keep it away so that your Facebook account is not deactivated again.

In general, Malaysian Facebook accounts are always suspected to be fake because they often add unknown friends.

Hopefully, the information we share can be useful for you.