How to Open Blocked WhatsApp

Some people have reasons to use the Block feature on WhatsApp. You need to know how to open this WhatsApp because you might be blocked by someone. Because it does not rule out the possibility, blocking arises because of a difference in perception. Worse, other unwanted things will arise.

Therefore, please check the following explanation to overcome WhatsApp’s being blocked by others. This way, you can still have a good relationship with that person.

Feature Your WhatsApp Number Gets Blocked

Here are the features of your Whatsapp being blocked by other people.

Tick ​​One Second to Deliver a Message

It is possible that tick one occurs when the contact does not activate data, or you are really blocked.

So, tick one will continue and not change. If only data is not activated, then tick one will change to two when the contact activates data.

No Profile Photo

The absence of a profile photo on a contact is not the end result of blocking. It is possible that the person deliberately did not put a profile photo.

However, if you are blocked, the photo will definitely change to default.

Last Seen and Online Status Lost

Apart from the invisible profile photo, the last seen and online status will also disappear. You can be sure on the chat page with that person.

Note: If the last seen status and online are not visible but have a profile photo, the contact is deactivated. In this case, you will definitely not be blocked.

Call Not Connected

All calls you make, both voice and video cannot be connected. If it is not blocked, the word “ringing” will appear.

If you experience the things above, immediately find out how to unblock the person who blocked you on WA.

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How to Open Blocked WhatsApp

This method does not force friends or people to unblock. However, you have to sacrifice a little by changing and replacing the number with a new one.

How to Backup Whatsapp

This is optional. However, it is better to back up WhatsApp first.

  • Open the WA app and tap the three-dot icon at the top right.
  • Next, select Settings.How to Open Blocked WhatsApp
  • On that page, tap Chatting.How to set WhatsApp chat
  • Then, tap Backup Chat.How to Backup Whatsapp Chats
  • Select Backup only.

How to Change WhatsApp Number

How to Change WhatsApp NumberAfter executing the Backup, proceed by following the following method:

  • Delete the number of the person who blocked your number. Don’t forget to take a note/record the person’s number before deleting it.
  • Next, open the WhatsApp application and enter the Settings menu.
  • On the Settings page, tap account.
  • Select delete my account.
  • You will have two options. First, change the number. Second, delete my account.
  • If you choose to change the number, please fill in the current mobile phone number and enter the new number.
  • Next, enter the verification code sent by WhatsApp to the new number.
  • The number will be changed automatically.
  • If you choose to delete the account, enter the mobile phone number you are using now and select Delete my account.
  • Simply restart your smartphone and re-download the WhatsApp application again.
  • Re-enter the number that has blocked you. Finished

That’s how to open blocked WhatsApp. This way, you can chat with that person’s number again with the new number you use.