How to Lock Instagram Account

To keep your Instagram account safe from stalkers, you can lock your account.

Everyone definitely has a different perspective on privacy on Instagram. There are users who leave their posts visible to everyone.

There are also people who care about privacy. Usually, the person does not want the photo to be in public use and only wants certain people to be able to see it.

By making the account private, it can also prevent users from misusing photos.

So with a private account, your Instagram feed can only be seen by people who follow you.

Things You Need to Consider If Your Instagram Account Wants to Be Private

There are some advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of if your account is private.

1. Avoid Misusing Photos

By making your account private. You will be more protected from photo abuse.

2. Slow Follower Growth

With a personal account, follower growth will be slower. This is because every user who wants to follow your account must wait for your confirmation first.

3. Not Valid on Other Social Media

If you associate an Instagram account with Facebook. Then you make a post on Instagram. Then your friends on Facebook can still see the post.

4. Use of hashtags

If you make a post using a hashtag. Then the post will not appear in the hashtag search column by others.

But it will still appear if the person has followed your Instagram account.

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How to Lock Instagram Account on Mobile Phone

You can lock an IG account directly through the Instagram settings menu.

  1. Open the Instagram application on your mobile phone.
  2. After that, make sure you’re logged in using the IG account you’re going to lock.
  3. Then open the profile menu by tapping on your profile photo in the lower right corner.How to Private Instagram Account
  4. After that, open the menu by selecting the three lines in the upper right corner of the mobile phone screen.
  5. Then several menus will appear to choose from. Select the Settings menu located at the bottom.How to Private IG Account
  6. After that, scroll down the screen until you find the private account menu.How to Private Instagram AccountHow to Set a Private Instagram Account
  7. Then press or drag the menu until the button color changes to blue.How to Lock IG Account
  8. That way, your account will turn into a private Instagram account.
  9. To change it back, you just need to press the button until it turns gray again.

Look, it’s easy to make your Instagram account private. Before locking your Instagram account in the above way. You should first think about the negative and positive effects you can get.