How to Know the Original Samsung Mobile Phone

Samsung is one of the largest mobile phone suppliers in Malaysia. Almost everyone will know and even use products manufactured by the Samsung company.

Especially with smartphone products released. Samsung’s quality is no doubt, in addition to bringing the latest technology, Samsung also provides many advantages in each of its products.

Samsung’s popularity has definitely been a way for many elements to misuse the Samsung name. They make replicas or fake products from Samsung.

Indeed, physically this replica or the fake item is almost 99% similar to the original item. But in the interior or hardware, this mobile phone is much different from the mobile phone from Samsung.

It is true that the physical and software similarities make it difficult for some new users to know between original or replica items. Therefore, find out how to find an original Samsung mobile phone that you can do when you want to buy a Samsung phone.

How to Know the Original Samsung Mobile Phone Online

How to Know the Original Samsung Mobile PhoneThat is through Samsung’s recommended website. On this website, you can match the type of mobile phone you are using with the one manufactured by Samsung.

You can prove the validity of the mobile phone you are using in the following ways:

  • Visit the IMEI check page from Samsung for an official check. Please visit the site
  • Next, fill in the available space with the IMEI number on your phone. Continue by checking the ‘I’m not a robot’ section and clicking check.
  • Wait a moment, the mobile phone type and the IMEI number will appear if the mobile phone you are using is genuine. When using this method, you will also get information about the specifications of the HP you are checking. Such as type of processor, year of manufacture, type of mobile phone, and more.

Check Samsung Handphone Manufacturer Country

Samsung Phone Manufacturer Country CodeIn addition to checking the authenticity of Samsung mobile phones, on the website, you can also check the countries that manufactured your Samsung mobile phone.

Yes, indeed the mobile phones released are equally original. However, the quality of each country that manufactures Samsung mobile phones turns out to be different.

While checking, You will see a code containing Your IMEI number. However, this code has been divided into four parts, namely TAC, FAC, SNR, and CD.

After knowing the country code that is on the Samsung mobile phone, you can find out which country produced your mobile phone. It is a good idea to check the IMEI number first before buying a Samsung mobile phone.

But, the above table also cannot be used as a benchmark for mobile phone output in which country has the best quality.

Of course, Samsung does not want to disappoint loyal customers with its products. For that, it is possible that Samsung also has the same standard in every country that officially manufactures Samsung mobile phones.

How to Check Xiaomi IMEI

How to Check Original Samsung Smartphone

How to Check Samsung IMEICheck if the Samsung mobile phone is genuine or not, there are 4 ways you can use to check the authenticity of the Samsung mobile phone.

The first way you can use to find out the original Samsung mobile phone is to check the IMEI number. Make sure the IMEI number on the Samsung mobile phone is the same as the IMEI number on the Samsung mobile phone box.

You can match numbers on mobile phones in the following ways:

  • Press *#06# on the mobile phone call menu.
  • Information will appear about the IMEI number belonging to your mobile phone.
  • This IMEI depends on the mobile phone you are using. If you are using a dual duo SIM card mobile phone type, there are two IMEIs that you can search for.
  • Match the IMEI number on the mobile phone with the one on your mobile phone box.
  • If the listed IMEI number is the same, you can be sure that your mobile phone is original. However, if the IMEI number is different, there are signs that the mobile phone you are using is fake or a replica.

Check Samsung Mobile Phones Through Hardware

Check Samsung Mobile Phones Through HardwareThe last way that can be used to check the validity of a Samsung mobile phone is to check the installed hardware. You can test all components installed on Samsung mobile phones ranging from LCD, sensitive screen, camera, speaker, and more.

The menu to check the hardware in each Samsung mobile phone is also different, but there is nothing wrong if you try the following method. This method can also be used on your mobile phone.

  • Make a call to *#0*# in your phone’s call menu. Secret call menu for hardware testing.
  • After that, you will see many menus available to check every component detail of your Samsung mobile phone. Check for genuine Samsung with a hardware test.
  • You can start checking one by one the components found in Samsung mobile phones, from Color, Vibration, Sensor, Speaker, and Camera. Make sure everything works well, you will know the authenticity of your Samsung mobile phone by knowing the quality of the mobile phone.

You better check the mobile phone you are going to buy first. So, you can avoid buying replicas or fake products. Because if you buy an original mobile phone, you will get an official warranty for 1 year that can be used if a problem occurs.