How to Check Samsung IMEI Number

You have certainly heard the term IMEI number, IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. The IMEI usually consists of a series of random numbers consisting of 14 or 16 digits.

This IMEI number is not only found on the latest mobile phones. But on all types of mobile phones, there must be an IMEI number found in the mobile phone.

The IMEI number embedded in each mobile phone is also different, as each mobile phone manufacturer has its own code. Since 2004, the IMEI code has had a special format used to organize IMEI numbers. The format used is AA-BBBBBB-CCCCCC-D.

Codes A and B are Type Allocation Codes (TAC) which indicate the make and model of the mobile phone. Code C is the serial number given and code D is the checksum to verify the IMEI number.

For Samsung’s own mobile phones, the IMEI code usually starts with the number 35. The starting code will definitely be different if the mobile phone you are using is a different brand. You can check your Samsung IMEI number in the following way.

Check Samsung IMEI Number with USSD Code

Apart from checking the physical packaging and mobile phone, you can also check your Samsung IMEI with a USSD code. Follow the steps below to check IMEI with the USSD code.

  • Open the call menu on your Samsung mobile phone.
  • Type *#06# without pressing the call and the system from the mobile phone you are using will automatically provide information about the mobile phone.

Check the Samsung IMEI Number Through the Back of the Phone

Samsung's IMEI numberFor the next method, you can check the IMEI number of your Samsung mobile phone by looking at the back of the HP. The method is also quite simple, you just need to deactivate the mobile phone you are using.

Then open the cell phone battery, then you will find the IMEI number and barcode inside.

But if the cell phone you are using uses a type of implanted battery, the location of the IMEI number is usually located parallel to the battery.

How to Check Samsung IMEI Through Phone Wrap

Samsung IMEI codeThe first way is the easiest way for you to check Samsung’s IMEI number. You can see the IMEI number by looking at the packaging box of the cell phone you just bought.

Therefore, make sure to pack your cell phone securely. In the future, you may need the IMEI number in the box.

To see the IMEI number itself, usually the IMEI number information is on the side or bottom of the box. You will find the barcode bar and the IMEI number and mobile phone type information below it.

For Samsung itself, the initial IMEI number usually uses the code 35.

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How to Check Samsung IMEI Via Settings

The last way you can use to check Samsung’s HP IMEI number is through the settings. See the following steps to check IMEI through Settings.

  1. Open Settings on your Samsung mobile phone.
  2. Select the About Phone / About Device menu, which is usually located on the bottom line.
  3. Then select the Status section.Check Samsung Mobile Phone IMEI
  4. Then You can see the IMEI number on your Samsung mobile phone.Check Samsung Mobile IMEI

The method above is certainly very easy to practice. You do not need to use an application to be able to check the IMEI of the Samsung phone you are using.

You also need to know the benefits of knowing the IMEI number on your Samsung mobile phone.

Benefits of IMEI Number

The benefits and use of the IMEI number are as an identification of the mobile phone you use. So, the IMEI number will indicate the model, type, brand, and design, as well as various important information about the HP you are using.

In addition, telecommunications service providers or cellular operators also use this IMEI number. The existing IMEI number will be used to identify the mobile phone registered with the cellular operator’s network.

You can also use the IMEI number to track or identify the authenticity of the device you are using. In addition to tracking, the IMEI number is also sometimes used by the police when there are cases related to mobile phones.